A New Game is out and it’s almost like Pokemon GO but Improved features and PvP.

Meet Draconious GO

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Draconious Go is almost similar to Pokemon Go but only thing differing is you need to Build the collection of winged horses, vampires, unicorns and other magical creatures instead of Pokemon.

Here are the Features the game includes and which makes it better than Pokemon GO

1) 125 fantastic creatures in 5 elements.
2) Considerably better graphics. No lags. No glitches. (Made me move outside)
3) The game offers daily quests.
4) The game offers a hunt – collecting fragments of a map and digging out a Golden Egg, from which only the most powerful creatures hatch.
5) The game offers magic.
6) Duels between players that were promised by Niantic, but never realized.
7) A wild monster may attack you in the game. Defeating it is the best way to get runes for casting spells.
8) The game offers the old battle system that was removed by Niantic for unknown reasons last summer.

We didn’t mention all points. It’s much more interesting to discover the game for oneself.

You can play the game in any of your Favorite devices. The game is available for both Android and iOS



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