A few hours ago Niantic announced a new update for Pokemon GO v0.71.0.

If you haven’t got the update yet you can download the APK using this link: Pokemon GO v 0.71.0

We have been working o the Data mine and came up very interesting findings, all of which we cannot include in the same post.

So be sure to be on the lookout for our next post as well.

Well without further adieu, let’s get to the most exciting find from the Data Mine.

Gen 3 Pokemon names have been added to the Game

The Rumours have been around for a while and now we can officially say that they are coming. Gen 3 Pokemon and Candy names have been added to the game’s code.










But let’s not get all excited for Gen 3 just yet. The Update only contains code containing Gen 3 Pokemon names and nothing else to accompany it. Notably, no sprites, sound files or moves have been added to the game.

It’s just a preliminary addition to the game and it will be months before we see the First Gen 3 Pokemon officially Launch into the game.

If we take Gen 2 as an example, their release came almost 4 months after the first appearance of Gen 2 in the game’s code.

Gen 2 Pokemon were Released in February 2017

We should expect Gen 3 to be announced anywhere between December 2017 to January 2018.

We will be updating you guys if anything new relating to Gen 3 comes up. So be sure to follow us to never miss out on further updates

That’s it for now guys!! We will be adding the Part 2 of the Data Mine results shortly after this post goes live so do look out for that!!

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