Niantic has released a new update for Pokemon GO v 0.71.0

Our Team has done the complete APK breakdown and found some interesting additions in the game’s code.

This is the part 2 of the Data Mine Report. You can read the Data mine Report Part 1 here.

So let’s continue with the new additions.

#1 Super Incubator :

With all the leaks surrounding the addition of a new super incubator, we can now finally confirm that it’s coming to Pokemon GO.

Super Incubator is believed to hatch Eggs at a Faster rate. It is currently unknown as to how it can be obtained.

Additionally, the Existing incubators have also received a redesign.

Super Incubator Unlimited Incubator Store Incubator


#2 Changes to Shiny Code:

Additions have been made to the Shiny Pokemon Code. The additional lines rfer to Shiny Spawns and Sparkle effects.


It’s unclear as of now as to what this codes could add to the game. Maybe the shinies are also on their way?? It can be too early to say that but with Niantic you never know.

#3 Exclusive Raid Updates:

New additions have been made to the Raids code to support Exclusive Raids. Additionally, many tweaks have also been made in regards to :

  • Count of users in a lobby
  • Raid timers
  • Spawn timer

Most of this changes are in place to prepare for Mewtwo’s launch along with Exclusive Raids. 

#4 Metamon:

A new label called METAMON_ID  has surprisingly appeared in this APK. Meatmon is the original Japanese name for Ditto.

This could simply be added to prepare for Gen 3. More Pokemon that could turn out to be Ditto in the future??

#5 Moveset Searchability:

You can now search for moves in the Pokemon Search Opton!!

#6 Bug Fixes:

Many known bugs have been taken care of in this update.

That’s it for now guys!!

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