A few days ago Niantic announced a new update for Pokemon GO v0.71.0 and according to data mine report, Gen 3 Pokemon and Candy names have been added to the game’s code.

But let’s not get all excited for Gen 3 just yet. The Update only contains code containing Gen 3 Pokemon names and nothing else to accompany it. Notably, no sprites, sound files or moves have been added to the game. It’s just a preliminary addition to the game and it will be months before we see the First Gen 3 Pokemon officially Launch into the game.

If we take Gen 2 as an example, their release came almost 4 months after the first appearance of Gen 2 in the game’s code.

Based on Niantic’s previous major Pokemon Release Dates

  • Pokemon GO Release Date: 7/6/2016
  • GEN 2 Release: 2/15/2017
  • Legendary Birds Release: 7/22/2017

Since it takes Niantic anywhere between 6-8 months in the past major Pokemon releases and this is not counting the Shiny Pokemon or Pikachu Hat Events peppered in throughout the year.

GEN 3 Release Date: 12/15/17
(This is NOT an official Release Date, it is a prediction based on previous releases.)

Edit (06-12-17): Recently Generation 3 advertisement appeared in the Apple Watch store!,  So we’re expecting the Gen 3 release on the same date or near week which we had expected months ago 🙂


Here’s the List of Pokemon Gen 3 names added in the new APK

Pokemon #252-#300

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Pokemon #300-#350


Pokemon #351-#386

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