A few days Niantic new security measure was deployed affecting all the 3rd party applications that were using unofficial Pokemon Go API and according to a growing number of player reports, Niantic has started detecting, flagging and issuing warnings to players using location mocking techniques to play the game.

The warning received is same as old “don’t use third party apps” Warning, the only difference is that now it gets triggered when using Location mocking Applications.

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Note: Currently not all users are affected, the target group seems random, it seems Niantic is currently testing its new security mechanism.

According to the following two reports from Reddit, GPS spoofers on both mobile platforms are affected:

For now, it has been only reported that spoofers have received warnings, but few trainers on Discord reported that they got Straight Ban.

 A Japanese Pokemon GO fan site also reported the same warning in Japanese, indicating the new security measures are active worldwide.


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