Another Leak Happened, The Legendaries and their shinies are now downloading in the background in the new update.

Thanks to Chrales for his work.

The Five icon downloaded in the background are:

  1. Normal and Shiny Lugia
  2. Shiny Articuno
  3. Shiny Moltres
  4. Shiny Zapdos

Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos Normal icon were already in the game since the start.

It seems that the Legendary Raids will follow the pattern established in the Pokémon 2000 movie, which features the legendary Kanto Birds and Lugia.

Here are the icons found in the new update

Normal Lugia
Shiny Lugia
Shiny Articuno
Shiny Zapdos
Shiny Moltres

The Legendary icons are still not yet visible in the game play but can find them in the encrypted asset provided by Charles – Charles Github work

That’s it for now

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