Recently a new serious Bug is found and reported by kk5566. According to the report, the daily limit of coins collection become useless.One can collect whatever amount he likes without 50/day rule.

What is this Bug?

According to the report by the user kk5566 “Changing time zone to another day will reset the daily limit of a coin collection from the gym, it can be used infinite times.”

Let’s make it more clear

For Example, Today is 17th July and you have already collected your Daily limit of 50 coins. But you are having another Pokemon which is defending a gym with time more than 10 minutes and want to mine coins from them as well.

All you have to gotta do is, go to your Phone’s setting and change the timezone to different than the current one, in this case, it will be 16th July or 18th July.

Once you have done wait for your Defender to come back. You will see that you will receive 50 coins instead of a usual number of coins. But every bug has some flaw and even this one has “One major flaw in this bug is that you need to keep Pokemon Go running when your Pokemon returns back to you


The steps can be repeated infinity times for every defender so the daily limit of coins collection become useless.

This is a SERIOUS BUG and We have already submitted a bug report to Niantic. The one treasures his account should not use it.

Note: This Bug was working on 17th July and can be fixed in anytime as many reports are already submitted to Niantic

Warning: Use of this bug may lead to Account ban, and we are not responsible for any account loss.

That’s it for now guys

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