Gym Badge Experience is a way to measure your reputation with a Pokemon Go gym, For starters, you will need  500XP for Bronze, 4000XP for Silver and 30000XP for Gold variants of Badges.

Badge Additional XP Total XP
Bronze 500 XP 500 XP
Silver 3500 XP 4000 XP
Gold 26,000 XP 30,000 XP

Here are some of the ways to achieve the same:

  • Attending A number of Raids: Raids are the best mechanism to gain quick Badge XP, as it requires to do 30 raids at a single Gym in order to gain a Golden Badge. This might look like a lengthy process, but it’s still much faster.
  • Attacking Gyms: While doing be aware that you will burn through your Pokemon go resources fast. Revives might become your best friend for this option
  • Placement of defenders in stagnant Gyms will turn out to be an excellent strategy to gain Gym Badge XP, even though your PokeCoin gain will suffer a lot.
  • Deploying Pokémon gives you a solid 100XP
  • Avoid Berry Feeding, since it promotes stagnant Gyms and is the slowest overall method in order to level up your gym.

Here is a list of things that show the amount of Rewarded Gym XP

Action Reward Multiplier
Defending a Gym 1XP reward * minutes defending
Feeding a Berry 10XP /
Deploying a Defender 100XP /
Winning a Raid 1000XP /
Winning a Battle 0.01XP reward * defender CP
Lose a Battle 5XP /

One Redditor named DrThod created a table that shows how these rewards change when compared to Defending a Gym:

Task BXP Equivalent days defending How often needed to equal full day defence
Defending 1 day 1440 1 1
Raid 1000 0.694 1.44
Gym with 6 defenders / 2500 CP each + placing Pokémon 435 0.302 3.3
Placing Pokémon 100 0.069 14.4


That’s it for now guys.

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