We are very happy to announce A new Battle Party feature has been detected in the game network traffic and is being tested silently.

What is this Battle Party?

Battle Parties is a feature currently being developed and tested silently by Niantic, it is a feature that enables you to create custom groups of 6 Pokémon and uses that Pokemon to battle in Gym and Raid battles

Special thanks to ZeChrales for sharing the newly discovered code. The code was originally founded by the PoGODev Community.

Here’s the newly discovered code in the network traffic

“team_picker_last_team”: “Previous battle party”
“team_picker_title_load”: “Load battle party”
“team_picker_title_save”: “Save battle party”
“team_picker_fainted_pokemon_warning”: “Your current party cannot join the battle. Heal your Pokémon first.”
“team_picker_optimize”: “Optimize”
“team_picker_default_team_name”: “Battle party {0}”
“team_picker_set_team_name”: “Set battle party name”
“team_picker_team_not_set”: “Unset”
“team_picker_title”: “Load & Save Battle Teams”
“team_picker_load”: “Load”
“team_picker_save”: “Save”

The code shows several aspects of the new system:

  • You can create multiple Battle Parties
  • You can name the Battle Parties as you wish
  • You can Optimize the Battle Party (Currently it is not clear what does that mean)
  • You cannot use a Battle Party if any of it’s Pokemon is not revived.

At this moment, we have no idea when the system could launch, but we certainly don’t expect it to launch in July, as it’s missing several client-side UI elements. We speculate that the next update will bring a number of UI assets (buttons, icons, etc) and more code references

That’s it for now guys


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