There’s a significant increase in reports of Eggs hatching different Pokemon after the Pokemon GO Fest.

Many trainers around have reported of Chinchou being hatched from 5 KM Egg (Egg were obtained after the GO Fest).

Currently Confirmed Hatches

5 KM Egg

  1. Chinchou (Moved from 10 KM Egg) – Reports 1, 2, 3, 4
  2. Pineco
  3. Gligar
  4. Natu

10 KM Egg

  1. Skarmory

Research Work

We at RandomWreck are eager to bring Complete Egg Hatching info out as soon as possible.

And hence we would like all the Trainers to help us form a Database of all the Egg hatches you encounter and Report them to us here.

Note: Please make sure you report only the Eggs which are obtained after the GO Fest

Report your Hatches here – Google Form

We will shortly be releasing all the information received from you guys, in a properly detailed manner to make sure everyone gets the desired info as soon as possible.


Please share this post with your friends and other Trainers so that we get a more accurate result that comes from a larger base!!

That’s it for now guys!! We will be bringing the results out soon,

Stay Tuned We will provide more updates

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Happy Hunting!

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