As all of us have always struggled against what type of Attacker should we use against the Gym defenders this trick surely comes handy making it easier for the trainer. This trick utilizes the combination with the search option in the Pokemon view and uses text replacement to quickly find the best counters.

Example –

  1. !fire -> ground,rock,water
  2. xsnorlax -> Machamp,Heracross,Alakazam

When you want to attack a fire type Pokemon, Just type !fire in the search bar and it expands to ground, rock, water, showing you all the Pokemon that are of those types.

When you want to attack Raid Boss Snorlax, Just type xsnorlax in the search bar and it expands to Machamp, Heracross, Alakazam, showing you all High DPS Counters of Snorlax

Here’s how to do use this trick:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down and select “Language & input“.
  3. Select virtual keyboard (you may be able to skip this step)
  4. Select manufacturer’s keyboard
  5. Select Text Correction
  6. Now Select Personal Dictionary
  7. Select you Keyboard language (Which you are currently using)
  8. Select the add symbol (+) in the Right corner
  9. Now in Shortcut add the short word which is “!fire” and in the expanded block type “ground,rock,water”
  10. Now add all the shortcuts from the Tables given below the tutorial.
  11. Whenever you type the shortcut word the expanded words appear in the suggestions.

Note: If your phone won’t accept punctuation as part of a shortcut, you can use a ‘1’ instead of a ‘!’. Example: ‘1bug’ in place of ‘!bug’.

Checkout our video tutorial




  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. Keyboard
  4. Text Replacement
  5. Now add all the Text Replacements from the table given below the tutorial.
  6. Whenever you type the shortcut word the expanded words appear in the suggestions.

text replacement trick

Text Replacement Table for Best Types

Shortcut Replacement
!bug flying,fire,rock
!dark fighting,fairy,bug
!dragon ice,dragon,fairy
!electric ground,grass,dragon
!fairy poison,steel
!fighting flying,psychic,fairy
!fire ground,rock,water
!flying electric,ice,rock
!ghost ghost,dark
!grass fire,ice,poison,flying,bug
!ground water,grass,ice
!ice fire,fighting,rock,steel
!normal fighting
!poison ground,psychic
!psychic bug,ghost,dark
!rock water,grass,fighting,ground,steel
!steel fighting,fire,ground
!water electric,grass


Table for High DPS Counter Pokemon for each Raid Boss

Raid Boss High DPS Counters
Tier 1
xBayleef Flareon,Charizard,Gengar
xCroconaw Exeggutor,Jolteon,Venusaur
xQuilava Golem,Starmie,Vaporeon
Tier 2
xElectabuzz Gengar,Dragonite,Alakazam,Flareon
xExeggutor Pinsir,Gengar,Heracross
xMagmar Golem,Starmie,Vaporeon
xMuk Alakazam,Exeggutor,Espeon
xWeezing Alakazam,Exeggutor,Espeon
Tier 3
xAlakazam Gengar,Houndoom,Tyranitar
xArcanine Golem,Starmie,Vaporeon
xFalreon Golem,Starmie,Vaporeon
xGengar Gengar,Alakazam,Espeon
xJolteon Gengar,Alakazam,Dragonite,Flareon
xMachamp Alakazam,Espeon,Exeggutor
xVaporeon Exeggutor,Venusaur,Jolteon
Tier 4
xBlastoise Exeggutor,Venusaur,Jolteon
xCharizard Golem,Omastar,Sudowoodo
xLapras Machamp,Heracross,Exeggutor
xRhydon Exeggutor,Venusaur,Victreebel
xSnorlax Machamp,Heracross,Alakazam
xTyranitar Machamp,Heracross,Primeape
xVenusaur Alakazam,Flareon,Espeon


That’s it for now guys.

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