The Solstice has already been started, it means for a week we will have the advantage of experience points for good throws, discounted lucky eggs in the store and, of course, higher spawn rates for Fire and Ice-type Pokémon.

If you’re wondering how likely you are going to encounter your favorite Pokemon, well a Redditor Charter23 did the analysis and compiled the list giving the frequency how likely Pokemon gonna appear in the wild.

Here’s the simplified version of the list

Solstice Event Rarity Tiers

COMMON Pokemon GO Vulpix Pokemon GO Ponyta Pokemon GO Growlithe
Pokemon GO Shellder Pokemon GO Cyndaquil Pokemon GO Swinub
UNCOMMON Pokemon GO Charmander Pokemon GO Seel Pokemon GO Houndour
VERY UNCOMMON Pokemon GO Magmar Pokemon GO Jynx Pokemon GO Sneasel
RARE Pokemon GO Lapras
VERY RARE Pokemon GO Charmeleon Pokemon GO Flareon Pokemon GO Rapidash
Pokemon GO Quilava
ULTRA RARE Pokemon GO Charizard Pokemon GO Cloyster Pokemon GO Dewgong
Pokemon GO Arcanine Pokemon GO Ninetales Pokemon GO Houndoom
Pokemon GO Piloswine Pokemon GO Typhlosion


Houndoom, Cyndaquil, Vulpix and many more are going to be common during the but it’s obvious that we are going fill our bag by not missing anyone during this event!

And that’s it from us now, we will soon be releasing the list of  Fire-type Pokemon you need to prioritize during the event.

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