The new Raid system introduced along with the Gym Rework has finally gone live.

Trainers above Level 25 can now enjoy Raids along with their colleagues.

Raid Bosses have been categorized into 5 Different Tiers Ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 5.

Each Level is Represented by different Eggs appearing on the Gym

Tier Raid Egg Type Egg Design
Tier 1 & 2  Normal
Tier 3 & 4 Rare
Tier 5 Legendary


As the Raids are made available to the masses, a fellow SilphRoad user, Pulisilver has put forward a list of Pokemon Obtained from various Raid Egg Levels.

Here’s the Raid Boss Tier List

Tier 1:

Raid Boss Boss CP 100% CP
Pokemon GO Bayleef 4375 740
Pokemon GO Croconaw 5207 913
Pokemon GO Magikarp 1165 125
Pokemon GO Quilava 5085 847


Tier 2:

Raid Boss Boss CP 100% CP
Pokemon GO Electabuzz 11311 1255
Pokemon GO Exeggutor 12633 1666
Pokemon GO Magmar 11610 1288
Pokemon GO Muk 11200 1548
Pokemon GO Weezing 11245 1247



The above mentioned Tier 1 and Tier 2 Pokemon can be defeated by a single player provided they have the right counters to the Boss Pokemon.

We will be coming out with a list of Pokemon that you can use as counters against Boss Pokemon soon after this post is out.

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Tier 3: 

Raid Boss Boss CP 100% CP
Pokemon GO Alakazam 22646 1649
Pokemon GO Arcanine 17832 1622
Pokemon GO Flareon 21155 1699
Pokemon GO Gengar 19768 1496
Pokemon GO Jolteon 19883 1560
Pokemon GO Machamp 18144 1650
Pokemon GO Vaporeon 16696 1804


Tier 3 Boss Pokemon require at least 2-3 players to defeat the Boss

Tier 4:

Raid Boss Boss CP 100% CP
Pokemon GO Blastoise 24162 1309
Pokemon GO Charizard 28485 1535
Pokemon GO Lapras 21768 1703
Pokemon GO Rhydon 30512 1886
Pokemon GO Snorlax 25419 1917
Pokemon GO Tyranitar 34707 2097
Pokemon GO Venusaur 26921 1467


Tier 4 Boss Pokemon require at least 5-6 players to defeat the Boss.

That’s it for now guys.

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