The New Gym Rework is finally live and as time passes by we are getting more in-depth info on everything that’s been added to the game.

One of the New Raid Rewards introduced in the game is TMs.

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TMs Stand for Technical Machines and have been used to change the moves of a Pokemon. In Pokemon GO, TMs will be used to change both Fast and the Charged Moves of any Pokemon that you have.

Fast TM Charged TM
Level Requirement Level 15 Level 25
Obtained From  Raid Battles Raid Battles
Task Changes your Pokemon’s Fast Move into a random new fast move Changes your Pokemon’s Charged Move into a random new Charged move


Note : Your Pokémon can obtain only the currently available moves when using a TM.

Over on Reddit, Niantic’s Official Team Member decided to test the TMs and asnwered some questions relating to their usage.

George offered to test TMs in order to determine wether you can get legacy moves through them, reroll the same move or get moves not learned by the pokemon naturally.

He shared the following as a comment onto a post questioning the Move Reroll count:

Okay /u/holojon, the results are in. I started with an Exeggutor with Extrasensory. I tried using 5 TMs and I was only able to get Extrasensory and Bullet Seed.

1st TM: Extrasensory -> Bullet Seed

2nd TM: Bullet Seed -> Extrasensory

3rd TM: Extrasensory -> Bullet Seed

4th TM: Bullet Seed -> Extrasensory

5th TM: Extrasensory -> Bullet Seed







After 5 quick-TMs and starting with an Exeggutor with Extrasensory, the results swapped between Extrasensory and Bullet Seed each time.

The following can be concluded from the same :

  • You can use multiple TMs on same Pokemon.
  • You can not get legacy moves through TM (still unverified).
  • You can not get new moves through TM (still unverified).

And inanother comment he also confirmed that Quick TMs cannot be used on pokemon with just one available Quick Move. Source

He said, “Tested: you cannot use a TM on Pokémon that only have one move.”

So thats all that we currently know about TMs. Stay tuned as we will be sharing anyhting new that comes up regarding all the new features added.

That’s it for now guys

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