Niantic has announced all of the features coming in the new Pokemon Go Gym and raid system

This page will contain all the info the new update Go features, Gym raids, new items. Surprisingly the new update contains lots of information, we’ll create a separate guide for each new features, but here’s a quick summary for it

Here’s the quick summary of the update

  1. Like Pokestops, Gyms can now be spinned for reward items
  2. Trainers will receive Gyms badges as rewards
  3. New items are introduced
  4. Gym Defenders will require berries
  5. Gyms will now feature six permanent slots that can be filled by the controlling team’s
  6. Gym Raids – Work together with other Trainers around to defeat an extremely powerful Pokémon which will be known a Raid Boss
  7. To participate in a raid and to battle with the Raid Boss you will need Raid Pass
  8. You can work together with up to 20 other trainers to defeat the Raid Boss.
  9. After successfully defeating the Raid Boss, you’ll receive the collection of new reward items, which includes Rare Candies, Technical Machines, Golden Razzberries

Guides to everything that changed

Links leads to separate guide pages:

The video was shared inside the Pokémon GO press kit.


Pokemon GO Gym 1 Pokemon GO Gym 2 Pokemon GO Gym 3
Pokemon GO Gym 4 Pokemon GO Gym 5 Pokemon GO Gym 6


Pokemon GO Gym Badge 1 Pokemon GO Gym Badge 2 Pokemon GO Gym Badge 3


Pokemon GO Raid 1 Pokemon GO Raid 2 Pokemon GO Raid 3
Pokemon GO Raid 4 Pokemon GO Raid 5 Pokemon GO Raid 6


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