Just ​a few hours Niantic announced a new update for Pokemon GO.

Not much was said about the update, apart from it including just Bug Fixes.

Well the APK Mine is now out, all thanks to TheSilphRoad team.

Let’s take a look at it.

Here’s what it includes:
  • PTC login Exception handling :

New changes in the APK indicate that Niantic have added code to counter the PTC login errors. A new exception container has now appeared to help handle the issues gracefully, although the details on this are very scant.

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  • Android Version Variable :

These may or may not have much significance. But there are now variables in the code for each major version of Android.

Android SDK
  • GetVersionNumber

This could be an artifact from a Unity update or could be possibly added to better handle bug reports.

Nothing much is known about this for now.

And that’s pretty much it.

It’s seems it’s just a bug fix update after all. Could this be to clear out issues before a Major update hits?

We’ll have to wait and watch!

That’s it for now guys.

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Happy Hunting!!

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