Last month Niantic came out all guns blazing against bots.

They blinded all the Flagged Accounts from ever encountering any rare Pokemon. This practically made almost all the scanners useless as most of the bots they had been using were banned from ever encountering any rares.

Rocket map defeat
Rocket Map also posted that it will take quite some time to get back to normal working conditions

As such the Bot community has been working tirelessly ever since the ban wave to find a way around this security measures.

But many have admitted defeats. And we can now add one more to that list.

TJs Map recently added a message over on his scanning website admitting defeat.

“I’ve been cranking out about 10,000 accounts a day, rotating them out like crazy. Purchasing new proxies to handle the huge login-logout cycling and denser worker plotting. Despite donations, this has all burned deep into my own wallet, and cost me too much. I spend around 8-12 hours a day working on this map, it’s almost become a prison. I cannot keep it up, and those anti-cheats are too strong. The development community went from 100s to maybe 1-2 dozen, all hanging their hats. Its my time to hang mine as well – Niantic did some good work, better than I’ve seen in any other game.
Thanks for all those that kept me going, kept supporting. In the end, I burned the fuel hard and put myself in the negative. I will be disabling paypal buttons. Take it easy folks. -TJ”

The above message clearly states the kind of situation the scanners have been in for the past month.

Not only this but many other local scanners such as Charleston, Greenville, Willmington and many others have also shut themselves down.

No doubt the scanners had been working against Niantic ToS, but they did provide their users something that Niantic couldn’t and still can’t.
The in-game tracking system was up in flames just after the first 2 months of the games release and the issue hadn’t been resolved until a few months later. As such many users started using these tracking sites to better track Pokemon spawning in and around their locality.

In a recently conducted survey, it was also found that nearly 80% of the users didn’t mind using a scanner for playing Pokemon GO.

For now, it seems like Niantic have done a great job in keeping a check on the bots. And with all the data that has been collected over the past year, we must expect something to be done for the Spoofers too. As they now seem to be the Evil left for them tackle.

That’s it for now guys.


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