Yesterday Niantic announced the Pokemon Go Fest 2017 in their official post all over the world, but accidentally they released out few additional information in few languages

1. Gyms will be disabled from June 16 onwards 

In their official post they didn’t mention the dates, but accidentally the dates were printed on their official Italian announcement, 

Per consentire la preparazione di queste interessanti funzionalità, dal 16 giugno disabiliteremo temporaneamente le Palestre.

In preparation for these exciting features, we’ll be temporarily disabling Gyms from June 16.

They removed the date from the announcement (but from is still present), first it was thought as a typo error but the same information was printed in the Chinese post


“In order to update the system, Road Gym will be suspended from June 16.

They even corrected the Chinese post but we managed to get the screenshot of the original post – Screenshot.

Niantic didn’t confirm the date, but the fact that “16 June” appeared on both the Italian and Traditional Chinese translation cannot be a coincidence or a typo. Again, this coincidence doesn’t confirm anything, maybe they are just planning to disable gyms on that date.

2. Gym Rework will be released on 2nd July

Gym Rework info Raids Pokemon Go


This date was accidentally appearing on the German version of the official announcement, though the date is still not confirmed, as additional information are not out.

3. Information shared by  /u/NianticIndigo (verified as Niantic official)

According to NianticIndigo all the Pokemon in the Gym will be returned to their respective trainers when the Gyms will be disabled, advanced warning will be provided for the same and trainers will be able to collect Pokemon till the last date

We’ll be sure to provide an advanced warning for when Gyms will be unavailable as we draw closer to the update. Also, it may be worth noting that when Gyms are temporarily disabled, all Pokémon will return to their Trainers. Stay tuned for more information! – source

And that’s it from us now, we will soon be releasing the list of Fire-type Pokemon you need to prioritize during the event. We have already released the detailed report of ICE Type Pokémon that can defeat Blissey, Dragonite, Snorlax Easily

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