Niantic is constantly fighting against spoofers, yesterday we got news Niantic is testing Fix to stop GPS Spoofing and Pokemon Sniping, and today here’s another big update

Sniping has been disabled by Niantic in Recent changes.

Here’s what we found From a tracker dev Discord channel

Sniping has officially been disabled by Niantic. The way this worked was: 1. Teleport to the GPS coords of a rare Pokemon. 2. Start an encounter with the Pokemon. 3. While in battle, teleport (GPS) back to your home location. 4. Catch the Pokemon while at your home location.
This was a trick to avoid getting softbanned and/or getting speed limits, because the game assumed you always stayed home.
But it was officially blocked by Niantic today Snipers now get softbanned instantly, so it’s safe to assume their accounts are getting flagged. Ifi It’s a good move against botters without hitting maps.
There’s no announcement about it yet from Niantic, but we’re hoping it’s a permanent change rather than just a temporary one. 

Previously there was trick to bypass soft ban or getting speed limits by it has been fixed by Niantic

This is a great step by Niantic.

Step by step. Every bit helps

So here’s the Question comes why Niantic is not directly banning and applying soft ban?
Flagging spoofers is hard when GPS is as glitchy as it is. So soft banning is a great start. They may even lose interest if they can’t catch anything.


We will keep inspecting more about this and keep you guys updated if anything new comes along our way.

That’s it for now guys, we will be back when we have something new for you guys

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