PokemonGO’s latest Adventure , the Adventure Week was announced yesterday.


It’s announcement itself came as a shock to many a trainers as the new Rock Event was announced just a week after the completion of the Grass Event.

Many things were announced for the upcoming event, the detailed info regarding which you can find out here – Rock Event Announced : Pokemon Go Adventure Week Starting from 18th May

Soon after the Events announcement, it was found out the new Update was a Forced one, which you do need to download to continue playing the game.

Apart from that, Charles over at PogoDev Community was also able to unearth the images of things that will be used during the Rock Event.

Here are the leaked Images:

Adventure Week Icon
Adventurer’s Hat
Aerodactyl Cutout used in the Promo Image
Adventure Week Background

These are the images leaked/found in the Updated Apk file.

Apart from that, we are really hyped for something. Niantic have already admitted that they will be following a Quarterly Update pattern for Releasing Massive changes.


And if the past is to be taken into account every Huge update has been preceeded by a forced update. Furthermore Niantic announced Gen 2 during the Mid/End of February, which basically means Mid-quarter.

And we are currently in the middle of Second Quarter and we also know that the next bug Update is about Gym Rework.

We are definitely expecting the Gym Rework to be released soon, although it’s just a speculation for now.

That’s it for now guys.

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Happy Hunting Guys!!




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