Finally, the Worldwide Bloom event started today and we are able to find all the grass type Pokemon in the surroundings with most of the PokeStops lured if you’re unaware of the event here’s the quick summary of the event.


Event Period:  From the afternoon of May 5 to May 8, 2017, PDT.

Lure Modules will last for six hours for the entire weekend!

Increased Spawn of All Grass Type Pokemon

2 Grass Type Pokemon that can defeat Blissey Easily

Here are the two 2 grass type which can defeat Blissey easily in the gym battles

1. Exeggutor – High Attack and Stamina

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Pokemon GO Exeggcute  → Pokemon GO Exeggutor


Max CP 2916
ATK 233
DEF 158
STA 190


Best Moveset to defeat Blissey: Extrasensory/Solar Beam

Extrasensory True DPS: 16.36
Solar Beam True DPS: 53.67


Exeggutor with Solar Beam is extremely powerful against Blissey with 200/300 more CP than Exeggutor, No dodging of Quick moves and only dodging of charge moves can take down Blissey, Exeggutor is tanky enough to take hits from Blissey.

2. Venusaur – Strong Attack, Defense, and Stamina

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Pokemon GO Bulbasaur  → Pokemon GO Ivysaur Pokemon GO Venusaur


Max CP 2569
ATK 198
DEF 198
STA 160


Best Moveset to defeat Blissey: Razor Leaf/Solar Beam

Razor Leaf
True DPS: 17.00
Solar Beam True DPS: 45.51


Venusaur is favorite amongst both attacker and defender due to its strong attack, defense, and stamina. Venusaur can handle the attacks from the Blissey and can easily defeat with its best move sets.

Bulbasaur and Exeggcute will be mostly commonly available during the event, so it’s the best chance to collect the Bulbasaur and Exeggcute candies and evolve with the best movesets to concur gyms battle easily.

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