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Today we have some Important Announcements to make.

But First of all Thank you for all your support, without which we truly wouldn’t have been at the Stage where we currently are. We started our Journey with intentions to share our Knowledge onto others and never really imagined to get the Kind of support we have Today. Your support has been life changing for us and we promise you that we won’t let you down and bring all the important updates to you guys as soon as possible.

Collaboration with Team Eevolution 

We are going to be collaborating with Team Eevolution, the guys who have been successful in leaking info regarding the launch and features of 3 Big and important updates.

They were the one who successfully leaked the Release of Gen 2, the Water Festival, the introduction of Shiny Magikarps and the Inception and features of the Easter Event.

We are extremely excited to be working with them to bring you the updates as soon as they are out.


You can Follow them on Twitter, Beware they tweet in Spanish!

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With the help of this Collab, we will be able to bring you guys the Leaks provided to us by Team Eevolution. These posts will clearly have the word “Leak” written in the title.

Bare in mind that these will be leaks and not the official announcements. These may or may not come true, but we believe since Niantic themselves don’t disclose any information, this could possibly be the best way to know what’s coming our way.

Apology for Shiny Bulbasaur Hype

We are extremely sorry for creating the Hype for the potential release of Shiny Bulbasaur. We just got super excited to get a new Event so early and with the official image released by Niantic, it just made us all the more sure about it being released during the Event. This eventually turned out to be false. We have learned our lesson and from now onwards we won’t be jumping to conclusions before having some kind of info regarding the same.

PvP Tournaments 

We know it’s quite early to announce this, but we have long been waiting for PvP and we do expect it to be coming this year.

We don’t exactly know how it would work out, but we sure do plan to organize a Pokemon Tournament for Pokemon GO Players (If PvP Gameplay allows us to). And we even plan to collaborate with others who wish to join us for the same, so if you are one of them please DM us and we will make sure we get in touch with you guys.

Future Updates

We are planning to bring some exciting series for all the Pokemon GO fans. We have a few in our mind, but we would love to hear from you guys too. What would you like us to post on a regular/daily basis?? Let us know in the comments below

That’s it for now guys!! Once Thank You for all of your support!!

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