Niantic has confirmed the details for this years Easter Event, which is as Eggstravanganza event.

If you are unaware of the event you can read it here :

  • It is for 7 days, starting April 13 through April 20 2017
  • Double XP, more Candy from Egg Hatches, discounted Lucky Egg (50%)
  • 2 KM Eggs can hatch a wider variety (ultra rare catches)


The further guide is focused on HOW TO MAKE THE BEST USE OF EASTER EVENT.

The event will end on the evening of 20th April , it might be a bit to late but here are some tips to help you out with the event.

  • Hoard as much lucky eggs as you can before the bargain ends. Even though they take up so much space in your bag. The deal will be helpful to make use of the Double XP feature of the eggs.
  • Use the most effective ball in catching a Pokemon in order save time. Use a Great/Ultra ball in higher level Pokemon to reduce the risk of it breaking out. Don’t just throw right away when the Pokemon spawns in front of you Since it will help you to Collect double XP.
  • If you have a steady source of Pinap berries, use those for Pidgeys. 2 catches with Pinap will let you evolve your Pidgeys right away. You can also do this with other 12 candy and 25 candy evolvable Pokemon. This can really speed up your XP gain by a lot. It will allow you to collect as much as 1000 XP per evolution and also provide a steady XP boost.
  • It is also the best to time your lures in such a way that, you just catch the Pokemon from the last lure and when you arrive to the next lure the pokemon will have just spawned. With this you won’t miss a lot spawns thus getting the most of your Lure Modules.
  • Use your precious coins on other stuff instead (Lucky eggs)
  • If you’re using your eggs while catch/spin grinding, there will be moments when you are not catching any pokemon . Those idle seconds eat up your lucky egg timer. Evolve 12 and 25 cadies Pokemon when there are no more to catch.
  • Trying to hatch 2 Kms Eggs arent worth the investment , unless you use them to complete your Pokedex, even so they do not give out too much candies also , so use your time to increase the number of pokemons you catch.


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