A Good news, The potential end of the Pokemon GO-Bot is near.

Recently in the true Butterfly Effect fashion, a World of Warcraft threatens to shut down one of the most Popular Pokemon Go-Bots.

Blizzard the developer of the one of the popular game World of Warcraft recently won an 8.5 million dollars lawsuit against the Bossland 

Bossland is a leading company in creation of Automation software, so called as bots, previously Bossland was limited to the creation of bots for several blizzard games like Stormbuddy, Heathbuddy, and many others, but recently they landed the Bots for Pokemon Go in the market, know as PokeFarmer which became one of the most in Pokemon Go world

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The Long-running lawsuit claimed by Blizzard came to an end last week in the California District Court, awarding Blizzard more than 8.5 million dollars against the copyright damages

This could be a potential and financial end of Bossland and thus the end of Pokemon Go-bot, PokeFarmer, Hoping Niantic will take advantage of the situation and follow along with Bossland and bring complete end of the PokeFarmer

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