What should have been an ordinary delivery for Nanjunda Swamy, turned out to be fatal.

In a bizarre incident that took place in Vidyanagar area in Bangalore, a delivery man was killed by a customer, who didn’t have money to pay for the phone he had bought online.

According to the reports the incident was a planned one.

The accused, Varun Kumar, a gym trainer had asked his father, a mechanic, for some money to which he denied saying that he didn’t have enough money and that he has now started earning and should pay his expenses on his own. After which Kumar planned to kill the delivery man in order to keep the phone.

The incident took place on December 9th, when Swamy called Kumar to deliver the Redmi Note 3 that Kumar had bought via Flipkart.

Kumar had given his gyms number for the delivery and the had subsequently kept a kitchen knife in the gym for the purpose of killing the delivery boy.

The incident took place at around 12:45 p.m. near the gym, where Kumar slit Swamy’s (Delivery boy) throat killing him in the process. He hid the body in his gym and shut the gym soon after the incident.

Later that night he shifted the body hid the body in a lift shaft and escaped. He also took away Rs. 24000 and another phone along with Redmi Note 3 from the delivery bag after the incident.

Swamy’s father lodged a missing report 2 days after the incident at the Byatarayanapura Police station, around the same time when the body was discovered.


An officer who is part of the investigation said, ““We spoke to the online portal where the victim worked. We got to know that he was missing after he went to deliver a smartphone to a customer in Vijayanagar and it was the same building where the body was found. We also got to know from the customers that Varun had not opened the gym since Friday. We suspected his involvement and arrested him from his residence on Tuesday,” to the Pune Mirror

Varun Man kills Delivery guy

The accused has been arrested under IPC 302 (murder) and IPC 397 (robbery).

A spokesperson also informed that the victims family will be given financial aid by online shopping agency Flipkart.

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