photogrid_1480583445023Rahul Gandhi’s twitter hacking foreshadowed the hacking of INC ‘s Twitter account too

INC ‘s Vice President’s official Twitter account reported to be hacked later this Wednesday, 30th. Popularly known as Pappu of the nation, has been subjected to innumerable flippant talks and memes across the internet. Later this Wednesday, very vulgur and offensive a series of tweets were posted by the unidentified hacker. Looks like the nations Nobita and the ultimate fan of Chota bheem has to encounter Soniyo and Jiaan 😉
“To every one of you haters out there, I love all of you. You’re beautiful. Your hatred just doesn’t let you see that yet”
Although the tweets were taken down within an hour, they surely shook the digital security department and very circulated on all social networking sites and as always got rahul on the radar of comedy hubs and every Indian looking for entertainment around. His username was supposedly changed to ‘Retarded Gandhi’. Lol, the hacker could have taken it easy on Rahul baba! However this was restored by 9:49 p.m. These tweets were followed by a chain of tweets by Senior Congress Leader Randeep S Surjewala that shed light on the serious kum hilarious situation.
The unidentified hacker surely had a lot stored in for INC as the act was foreshadowed by the hacking of the official Twitter account of INC.
The tweets posted on INC ‘s Twitter were disparaging and full of audaciously written abusive content as well as serious threats. However as with the abusive and pejorative tweets on Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account, the tweets on INC ‘s account were also taken down within 30 mins but looks like screenshots are of great use now a days!

This can be very consequential for Indian Nation Congress but definitely a good source of entertainment for the public!


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