This Page contains all the Pokémon Shiny forms available in Pokemon Generation 1 and Generation 2

1BulbasaurPokemon GO BulbasaurPokemon GO Shiny Bulbasaur
2IvysaurPokemon GO IvysaurPokemon GO Shiny Ivysaur
3VenusaurPokemon GO VenusaurPokemon GO Shiny Venusaur
4CharmanderPokemon GO CharmanderPokemon GO Shiny Charmander
5CharmeleonPokemon GO CharmeleonPokemon GO Shiny Charmeleon
6CharizardPokemon GO CharizardPokemon GO Shiny Charizard
7SquirtlePokemon GO SquirtlePokemon GO Shiny Squirtle
8WartortlePokemon GO WartortlePokemon GO Shiny Wartortle
9BlastoisePokemon GO BlastoisePokemon GO Shiny Blastoise
10CaterpiePokemon GO CaterpiePokemon GO Shiny Caterpie
11MetapodPokemon GO MetapodPokemon GO Shiny Metapod
12ButterfreePokemon GO ButterfreePokemon GO Shiny Butterfree
13WeedlePokemon GO WeedlePokemon GO Shiny Weedle
14KakunaPokemon GO KakunaPokemon GO Shiny Kakuna
15BeedrillPokemon GO BeedrillPokemon GO Shiny Beedrill
16PidgeyPokemon GO PidgeyPokemon GO Shiny Pidgey
17PidgeottoPokemon GO PidgeottoPokemon GO Shiny Pidgeotto
18PidgeotPokemon GO PidgeotPokemon GO Shiny Pidgeot
19RattataPokemon GO RattataPokemon GO Shiny Rattata
20RaticatePokemon GO RaticatePokemon GO Shiny Raticate
21SpearowPokemon GO SpearowPokemon GO Shiny Spearow
22FearowPokemon GO FearowPokemon GO Shiny Fearow
23EkansPokemon GO EkansPokemon GO Shiny Ekans
24ArbokPokemon GO ArbokPokemon GO Shiny Arbok
25PikachuPokemon GO PikachuPokemon GO Shiny Pikachu
26RaichuPokemon GO RaichuPokemon GO Shiny Raichu
27SandshrewPokemon GO SandshrewPokemon GO Shiny Sandshrew
28SandslashPokemon GO SandslashPokemon GO Shiny Sandslash
29Nidoran-FPokemon GO Nidoran-FPokemon GO Shiny Nidoran-F
30NidorinaPokemon GO NidorinaPokemon GO Shiny Nidorina
31NidoqueenPokemon GO NidoqueenPokemon GO Shiny Nidoqueen
32Nidoran-MPokemon GO Nidoran-MPokemon GO Shiny Nidoran-M
33NidorinoPokemon GO NidorinoPokemon GO Shiny Nidorino
34NidokingPokemon GO NidokingPokemon GO Shiny Nidoking
35ClefairyPokemon GO ClefairyPokemon GO Shiny Clefairy
36ClefablePokemon GO ClefablePokemon GO Shiny Clefable
37VulpixPokemon GO VulpixPokemon GO Shiny Vulpix
38NinetalesPokemon GO NinetalesPokemon GO Shiny Ninetales
39JigglypuffPokemon GO JigglypuffPokemon GO Shiny Jigglypuff
40WigglytuffPokemon GO WigglytuffPokemon GO Shiny Wigglytuff
41ZubatPokemon GO ZubatPokemon GO Shiny Zubat
42GolbatPokemon GO GolbatPokemon GO Shiny Golbat
43OddishPokemon GO OddishPokemon GO Shiny Oddish
44GloomPokemon GO GloomPokemon GO Shiny Gloom
45VileplumePokemon GO VileplumePokemon GO Shiny Vileplume
46ParasPokemon GO ParasPokemon GO Shiny Paras
47ParasectPokemon GO ParasectPokemon GO Shiny Parasect
48VenonatPokemon GO VenonatPokemon GO Shiny Venonat
49VenomothPokemon GO VenomothPokemon GO Shiny Venomoth
50DiglettPokemon GO DiglettPokemon GO Shiny Diglett
51DugtrioPokemon GO DugtrioPokemon GO Shiny Dugtrio
52MeowthPokemon GO MeowthPokemon GO Shiny Meowth
53PersianPokemon GO PersianPokemon GO Shiny Persian
54PsyduckPokemon GO PsyduckPokemon GO Shiny Psyduck
55GolduckPokemon GO GolduckPokemon GO Shiny Golduck
56MankeyPokemon GO MankeyPokemon GO Shiny Mankey
57PrimeapePokemon GO PrimeapePokemon GO Shiny Primeape
58GrowlithePokemon GO GrowlithePokemon GO Shiny Growlithe
59ArcaninePokemon GO ArcaninePokemon GO Shiny Arcanine
60PoliwagPokemon GO PoliwagPokemon GO Shiny Poliwag
61PoliwhirlPokemon GO PoliwhirlPokemon GO Shiny Poliwhirl
62PoliwrathPokemon GO PoliwrathPokemon GO Shiny Poliwrath
63AbraPokemon GO AbraPokemon GO Shiny Abra
64KadabraPokemon GO KadabraPokemon GO Shiny Kadabra
65AlakazamPokemon GO AlakazamPokemon GO Shiny Alakazam
66MachopPokemon GO MachopPokemon GO Shiny Machop
67MachokePokemon GO MachokePokemon GO Shiny Machoke
68MachampPokemon GO MachampPokemon GO Shiny Machamp
69BellsproutPokemon GO BellsproutPokemon GO Shiny Bellsprout
70WeepinbellPokemon GO WeepinbellPokemon GO Shiny Weepinbell
71VictreebelPokemon GO VictreebelPokemon GO Shiny Victreebel
72TentacoolPokemon GO TentacoolPokemon GO Shiny Tentacool
73TentacruelPokemon GO TentacruelPokemon GO Shiny Tentacruel
74GeodudePokemon GO GeodudePokemon GO Shiny Geodude
75GravelerPokemon GO GravelerPokemon GO Shiny Graveler
76GolemPokemon GO GolemPokemon GO Shiny Golem
77PonytaPokemon GO PonytaPokemon GO Shiny Ponyta
78RapidashPokemon GO RapidashPokemon GO Shiny Rapidash
79SlowpokePokemon GO SlowpokePokemon GO Shiny Slowpoke
80SlowbroPokemon GO SlowbroPokemon GO Shiny Slowbro
81MagnemitePokemon GO MagnemitePokemon GO Shiny Magnemite
82MagnetonPokemon GO MagnetonPokemon GO Shiny Magneton
83FarfetchdPokemon GO FarfetchdPokemon GO Shiny Farfetchd
84DoduoPokemon GO DoduoPokemon GO Shiny Doduo
85DodrioPokemon GO DodrioPokemon GO Shiny Dodrio
86SeelPokemon GO SeelPokemon GO Shiny Seel
87DewgongPokemon GO DewgongPokemon GO Shiny Dewgong
88GrimerPokemon GO GrimerPokemon GO Shiny Grimer
89MukPokemon GO MukPokemon GO Shiny Muk
90ShellderPokemon GO ShellderPokemon GO Shiny Shellder
91CloysterPokemon GO CloysterPokemon GO Shiny Cloyster
92GastlyPokemon GO GastlyPokemon GO Shiny Gastly
93HaunterPokemon GO HaunterPokemon GO Shiny Haunter
94GengarPokemon GO GengarPokemon GO Shiny Gengar
95OnixPokemon GO OnixPokemon GO Shiny Onix
96DrowzeePokemon GO DrowzeePokemon GO Shiny Drowzee
97HypnoPokemon GO HypnoPokemon GO Shiny Hypno
98KrabbyPokemon GO KrabbyPokemon GO Shiny Krabby
99KinglerPokemon GO KinglerPokemon GO Shiny Kingler
100VoltorbPokemon GO VoltorbPokemon GO Shiny Voltorb
101ElectrodePokemon GO ElectrodePokemon GO Shiny Electrode
102ExeggcutePokemon GO ExeggcutePokemon GO Shiny Exeggcute
103ExeggutorPokemon GO ExeggutorPokemon GO Shiny Exeggutor
104CubonePokemon GO CubonePokemon GO Shiny Cubone
105MarowakPokemon GO MarowakPokemon GO Shiny Marowak
106HitmonleePokemon GO HitmonleePokemon GO Shiny Hitmonlee
107HitmonchanPokemon GO HitmonchanPokemon GO Shiny Hitmonchan
108LickitungPokemon GO LickitungPokemon GO Shiny Lickitung
109KoffingPokemon GO KoffingPokemon GO Shiny Koffing
110WeezingPokemon GO WeezingPokemon GO Shiny Weezing
111RhyhornPokemon GO RhyhornPokemon GO Shiny Rhyhorn
112RhydonPokemon GO RhydonPokemon GO Shiny Rhydon
113ChanseyPokemon GO ChanseyPokemon GO Shiny Chansey
114TangelaPokemon GO TangelaPokemon GO Shiny Tangela
115KangaskhanPokemon GO KangaskhanPokemon GO Shiny Kangaskhan
116HorseaPokemon GO HorseaPokemon GO Shiny Horsea
117SeadraPokemon GO SeadraPokemon GO Shiny Seadra
118GoldeenPokemon GO GoldeenPokemon GO Shiny Goldeen
119SeakingPokemon GO SeakingPokemon GO Shiny Seaking
120StaryuPokemon GO StaryuPokemon GO Shiny Staryu
121StarmiePokemon GO StarmiePokemon GO Shiny Starmie
122Mr-MimePokemon GO Mr-MimePokemon GO Shiny Mr-Mime
123ScytherPokemon GO ScytherPokemon GO Shiny Scyther
124JynxPokemon GO JynxPokemon GO Shiny Jynx
125ElectabuzzPokemon GO ElectabuzzPokemon GO Shiny Electabuzz
126MagmarPokemon GO MagmarPokemon GO Shiny Magmar
127PinsirPokemon GO PinsirPokemon GO Shiny Pinsir
128TaurosPokemon GO TaurosPokemon GO Shiny Tauros
129MagikarpPokemon GO MagikarpPokemon GO Shiny Magikarp
130GyaradosPokemon GO GyaradosPokemon GO Shiny Gyarados
131LaprasPokemon GO LaprasPokemon GO Shiny Lapras
132DittoPokemon GO DittoPokemon GO Shiny Ditto
133EeveePokemon GO EeveePokemon GO Shiny Eevee
134VaporeonPokemon GO VaporeonPokemon GO Shiny Vaporeon
135JolteonPokemon GO JolteonPokemon GO Shiny Jolteon
136FlareonPokemon GO FlareonPokemon GO Shiny Flareon
137PorygonPokemon GO PorygonPokemon GO Shiny Porygon
138OmanytePokemon GO OmanytePokemon GO Shiny Omanyte
139OmastarPokemon GO OmastarPokemon GO Shiny Omastar
140KabutoPokemon GO KabutoPokemon GO Shiny Kabuto
141KabutopsPokemon GO KabutopsPokemon GO Shiny Kabutops
142AerodactylPokemon GO AerodactylPokemon GO Shiny Aerodactyl
143SnorlaxPokemon GO SnorlaxPokemon GO Shiny Snorlax
144ArticunoPokemon GO ArticunoPokemon GO Shiny Articuno
145ZapdosPokemon GO ZapdosPokemon GO Shiny Zapdos
146MoltresPokemon GO MoltresPokemon GO Shiny Moltres
147DratiniPokemon GO DratiniPokemon GO Shiny Dratini
148DragonairPokemon GO DragonairPokemon GO Shiny Dragonair
149DragonitePokemon GO DragonitePokemon GO Shiny Dragonite
150MewtwoPokemon GO MewtwoPokemon GO Shiny Mewtwo
151MewPokemon GO MewPokemon GO Shiny Mew
152ChikoritaPokemon GO ChikoritaPokemon GO Shiny Chikorita
153BayleefPokemon GO BayleefPokemon GO Shiny Bayleef
154MeganiumPokemon GO MeganiumPokemon GO Shiny Meganium
155CyndaquilPokemon GO CyndaquilPokemon GO Shiny Cyndaquil
156QuilavaPokemon GO QuilavaPokemon GO Shiny Quilava
157TyphlosionPokemon GO TyphlosionPokemon GO Shiny Typhlosion
158TotodilePokemon GO TotodilePokemon GO Shiny Totodile
159CroconawPokemon GO CroconawPokemon GO Shiny Croconaw
160FeraligatrPokemon GO FeraligatrPokemon GO Shiny Feraligatr
161SentretPokemon GO SentretPokemon GO Shiny Sentret
162FurretPokemon GO FurretPokemon GO Shiny Furret
163HoothootPokemon GO HoothootPokemon GO Shiny Hoothoot
164NoctowlPokemon GO NoctowlPokemon GO Shiny Noctowl
165LedybaPokemon GO LedybaPokemon GO Shiny Ledyba
166LedianPokemon GO LedianPokemon GO Shiny Ledian
167SpinarakPokemon GO SpinarakPokemon GO Shiny Spinarak
168AriadosPokemon GO AriadosPokemon GO Shiny Ariados
169CrobatPokemon GO CrobatPokemon GO Shiny Crobat
170ChinchouPokemon GO ChinchouPokemon GO Shiny Chinchou
171LanturnPokemon GO LanturnPokemon GO Shiny Lanturn
172PichuPokemon GO PichuPokemon GO Shiny Pichu
173CleffaPokemon GO CleffaPokemon GO Shiny Cleffa
174IgglybuffPokemon GO IgglybuffPokemon GO Shiny Igglybuff
175TogepiPokemon GO TogepiPokemon GO Shiny Togepi
176TogeticPokemon GO TogeticPokemon GO Shiny Togetic
177NatuPokemon GO NatuPokemon GO Shiny Natu
178XatuPokemon GO XatuPokemon GO Shiny Xatu
179MareepPokemon GO MareepPokemon GO Shiny Mareep
180FlaaffyPokemon GO FlaaffyPokemon GO Shiny Flaaffy
181AmpharosPokemon GO AmpharosPokemon GO Shiny Ampharos
182BellossomPokemon GO BellossomPokemon GO Shiny Bellossom
183MarillPokemon GO MarillPokemon GO Shiny Marill
184AzumarillPokemon GO AzumarillPokemon GO Shiny Azumarill
185SudowoodoPokemon GO SudowoodoPokemon GO Shiny Sudowoodo
186PolitoedPokemon GO PolitoedPokemon GO Shiny Politoed
187HoppipPokemon GO HoppipPokemon GO Shiny Hoppip
188SkiploomPokemon GO SkiploomPokemon GO Shiny Skiploom
189JumpluffPokemon GO JumpluffPokemon GO Shiny Jumpluff
190AipomPokemon GO AipomPokemon GO Shiny Aipom
191SunkernPokemon GO SunkernPokemon GO Shiny Sunkern
192SunfloraPokemon GO SunfloraPokemon GO Shiny Sunflora
193YanmaPokemon GO YanmaPokemon GO Shiny Yanma
194WooperPokemon GO WooperPokemon GO Shiny Wooper
195QuagsirePokemon GO QuagsirePokemon GO Shiny Quagsire
196EspeonPokemon GO EspeonPokemon GO Shiny Espeon
197UmbreonPokemon GO UmbreonPokemon GO Shiny Umbreon
198MurkrowPokemon GO MurkrowPokemon GO Shiny Murkrow
199SlowkingPokemon GO SlowkingPokemon GO Shiny Slowking
200MisdreavusPokemon GO MisdreavusPokemon GO Shiny Misdreavus
201UnownPokemon GO UnownPokemon GO Shiny Unown
202WobbuffetPokemon GO WobbuffetPokemon GO Shiny Wobbuffet
203GirafarigPokemon GO GirafarigPokemon GO Shiny Girafarig
204PinecoPokemon GO PinecoPokemon GO Shiny Pineco
205ForretressPokemon GO ForretressPokemon GO Shiny Forretress
206DunsparcePokemon GO DunsparcePokemon GO Shiny Dunsparce
207GligarPokemon GO GligarPokemon GO Shiny Gligar
208SteelixPokemon GO SteelixPokemon GO Shiny Steelix
209SnubbullPokemon GO SnubbullPokemon GO Shiny Snubbull
210GranbullPokemon GO GranbullPokemon GO Shiny Granbull
211QwilfishPokemon GO QwilfishPokemon GO Shiny Qwilfish
212ScizorPokemon GO ScizorPokemon GO Shiny Scizor
213ShucklePokemon GO ShucklePokemon GO Shiny Shuckle
214HeracrossPokemon GO HeracrossPokemon GO Shiny Heracross
215SneaselPokemon GO SneaselPokemon GO Shiny Sneasel
216TeddiursaPokemon GO TeddiursaPokemon GO Shiny Teddiursa
217UrsaringPokemon GO UrsaringPokemon GO Shiny Ursaring
218SlugmaPokemon GO SlugmaPokemon GO Shiny Slugma
219MagcargoPokemon GO MagcargoPokemon GO Shiny Magcargo
220SwinubPokemon GO SwinubPokemon GO Shiny Swinub
221PiloswinePokemon GO PiloswinePokemon GO Shiny Piloswine
222CorsolaPokemon GO CorsolaPokemon GO Shiny Corsola
223RemoraidPokemon GO RemoraidPokemon GO Shiny Remoraid
224OctilleryPokemon GO OctilleryPokemon GO Shiny Octillery
225DelibirdPokemon GO DelibirdPokemon GO Shiny Delibird
226MantinePokemon GO MantinePokemon GO Shiny Mantine
227SkarmoryPokemon GO SkarmoryPokemon GO Shiny Skarmory
228HoundourPokemon GO HoundourPokemon GO Shiny Houndour
229HoundoomPokemon GO HoundoomPokemon GO Shiny Houndoom
230KingdraPokemon GO KingdraPokemon GO Shiny Kingdra
231PhanpyPokemon GO PhanpyPokemon GO Shiny Phanpy
232DonphanPokemon GO DonphanPokemon GO Shiny Donphan
233Porygon2Pokemon GO Porygon2Pokemon GO Shiny Porygon2
234StantlerPokemon GO StantlerPokemon GO Shiny Stantler
235SmearglePokemon GO SmearglePokemon GO Shiny Smeargle
236TyroguePokemon GO TyroguePokemon GO Shiny Tyrogue
237HitmontopPokemon GO HitmontopPokemon GO Shiny Hitmontop
238SmoochumPokemon GO SmoochumPokemon GO Shiny Smoochum
239ElekidPokemon GO ElekidPokemon GO Shiny Elekid
240MagbyPokemon GO MagbyPokemon GO Shiny Magby
241MiltankPokemon GO MiltankPokemon GO Shiny Miltank
242BlisseyPokemon GO BlisseyPokemon GO Shiny Blissey
243RaikouPokemon GO RaikouPokemon GO Shiny Raikou
244EnteiPokemon GO EnteiPokemon GO Shiny Entei
245SuicunePokemon GO SuicunePokemon GO Shiny Suicune
246LarvitarPokemon GO LarvitarPokemon GO Shiny Larvitar
247PupitarPokemon GO PupitarPokemon GO Shiny Pupitar
248TyranitarPokemon GO TyranitarPokemon GO Shiny Tyranitar
249LugiaPokemon GO LugiaPokemon GO Shiny Lugia
250Ho-OhPokemon GO Ho-OhPokemon GO Shiny Ho-Oh
251CelebiPokemon GO CelebiPokemon GO Shiny Celebi

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